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Fairplay was founded in the year 2000 and to this day is responsible for some of the most innovative projects, for a wide roster of blue-chip clients. Already established as the first ever integrated Sports Marketing Consulting Agency in Greece, Fairplay keeps evolving in order to enrich its portfolio of services and cover each client’s specific needs, in the best way possible.

On a course for development, in 2005 we entered the Music sector through designing and implementing sponsoring and activation programmes for a variety of clients, music events and venues; in 2009 we introduced www.123merch.gr and www.123tickets.gr was launched in 2011.

The year 2016 saw our expansion strategy reach its full potential via the creation of 123live and our first concerts asd promoters. We are impartial consultants, flexible, dynamic, and creative. Unconvetional innovators, die-hard musicv lovers and avid sports fans. We are ROI-oriented & ROO devotees.

We are focused and targeted. We are… Your Kind of Play!