90 Xρόνια ΠΑΟΚ - Νοσταλγώντας το μέλλον

A Fairplay & NiMa Production for PAOK FC, directed by Nikolas Triantafyllidis.

The documentary “90 Years of PAOK: Nostalgia for the Future” is not just a documentation of the cub’s history, but rather a live diary of the club’s milestones, in conjunction with its historical progress and social development. A journey through time and space, a cinematic treatise about a club that represents an Idea.

In the five months of filming, Nikolas Triandafyllidis visited the core places where the heart of the club beats, to film the touching confessions of veterans and youngsters, coaches, current PAOK players and loyal fans, who have and always will honor the club’s colours and its sacred “heavy” jersey.

Honors: 58th Thessaloniki Film Festival: Hellenic Film Critics’ Association Award | 1st Sports Marketing Awards: Gold / Original Content - Reporting | Οffside Festival 2017: Official Selection